A Story… The Bible tells of a pivotal moment.  Humanity was going from bad to worse; God took action. God blessed Abraham (no standout) in order to bless all peoples through him (Genesis 12.1-3).  This story points to what we're about at LBCRC.

Our Need... God created us to glorify God by enjoying him. Foolishly, and to a person, we seek fulfillment in other sources. This sin separates us from God and unleashes countless miseries. On our own, we cannot undo this damage.

Our God... Through the life, death, and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ, God has acted to bring sinners home to himself. God graciously calls us to trust in Jesus for his forgiveness and new life. When we do, God welcomes us into his forever family, the church.

Our Purpose... Our church’s aim is to make new and better followers of Jesus - for God's glory! Or, to use the words of the Bible text mentioned above, to grow in receiving God’s blessing and in blessing others.  We are blessed to bless.

Our Roots... We are affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America*, a family of churches in the U.S. and Canada. Our roots are in the Protestant branch of the historic Christian Church which has existed for thousands of years and today spans the globe. The Bible is our guide for belief and living. We aim to be "re-formed" according to God's Word, and by the power of God's Spirit.

Our Mission... is to make new and better followers of Jesus Christ...for God's glory! 

What followers of Jesus look like:

Grace: have received God's gift of new life by trusting Jesus--and celebrate this gift in public worship

Growth: are becoming more like Jesus by practicing spiritual disciplines (such as Bible reading and prayer) and adopting a godly lifestyle

Group:  are becoming more like Jesus by connecting with believers in groups small enough to give and receive Christ-like love

Gifts: are becoming more like Jesus by using their abilities to serve God and people in the church and in the world

Giving: are becoming more like Jesus by using their money to support God's work through the church

Gathering: are becoming more like Jesus by purposefully acting to draw their friends and neighbors into God's family

*For more information about our beliefs and the Christian Reformed Church in North America, go to www.crcna.org