Welcome to the membership directory.  

If you are a new, we'd appreciate you registering and you'll then have access to the directory.

If you are an existing member, please help our community by keeping your contact information up to date.  We'd love for you to include a family photo in the directory to help us build a tighter knit community.  If it's been a while, why not replace that family photo so the kids are not unrecognizable!

Information We Collect and How We Use It

To fully register and be listed in our church directory, we require that you provide your name, address, phone number and a valid email address. In addition, each family member may provide their cell phone number and/or email address. The directory is only viewable by one who registers and lists their own information and has been approved by church staff.

How Your Information Is Secure

The information you enter on this site is stored in a database with encrypted password protection. Additionally, all the information displayed on the site is accessible only by those who have registered and been approved by church staff. Our web hosting firm, Dynamic Internet Solutions, uses the technology necessary to keep your information secure.

Do We Share Your Information?

We will not share, sell, transfer, or in any way give your personal information to any third party. A third party means any other church, organization or business that is not directly under the umbrella of Long Beach Christian Reformed Church.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Please read our Website Disclaimer and Privacy Policy or contact our church office during normal business hours.