Fast Food, Faith Food
How did bread slices with meat between come to be called a sandwich?   Great Britain's incompetent First Lord of the Admiralty during the Revolutionary War, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, is responsible.   A compulsive gambler, one day (and night) in 1762 he spent 24 hours at a gaming table.  He solved his need for food by eating meats placed between two slices of bread--which came to be known as a sandwich.  “Today we eat sandwiches purchased at ‘fast food’ restaurants  and have invented drive-thru lanes so that we can eat sandwiches in our vehicles as God intended” (John Ortberg).
What God intends for sandwiches I’ll leave for you to judge, but there’s no doubt about God’s intent to fuel our faith--with food!  As always, we hope you join us to start off 2016 as we learn how.                           All the best,    Pastor Brent